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The Ultimate Guide To Iron Gates

There are an incredible amount of gate types available. Whilst you may express interest in various different styles and gate materials, we recommend honing your attention on iron gates. Why is that? Are they better than other standard gates?

Well, in this article not only will you discover why you should buy yourself an iron gate but also what options are available to you and how you can pick out the option for your home. Keep reading and see what wrought iron gates are all about and learn everything that you need to know about this gate type.

Why Invest In A Wrought Iron Gate?

When it comes to sturdiness, hardiness, and durability wrought iron gates get the number one spot. They exceed the competition and most other gate forms by a long shot making them a fantastic long term choice and a brilliant security option for your home.

Additionally, thanks to modern production methods that include certain types of machine forging, they are now widely available in the market and fall within a very affordable price range. This means that anyone can now choose to purchase a wrought iron gate.

Whilst originally, these types of gates were built only for functionality and strength, nowadays with these new processes and manufacturing abilities, wrought iron does not have to be basic. In fact, they can be as intricate and gorgeous as they are sturdy.

With all these points in mind, it is easy to see why it is worth investing in this type of gate system. However, that is just the first step. Next, you need to figure out what kind of style you want for your home and what would work best on your property n conjunction with your walls or fencing.

Let us examine the wrought iron gate options now.

What Are The Different Types Of Iron Gates?


Unique and bespoke are usually terms related to this type of iron gate. If you want something truly special for your home that accounts for your own personal tastes then this may be what you need.

This personalized creation requires you to choose various aspects of the gate’s design. These include the flourishes, arcs, curls, and other intricate decorative items that apply. All of these should match your personal preferences however you can take it a step further by choosing the finish type to match your home, fencing, or surrounding walls.

Arched Top

This is what most people imagine when they picture a Victorian or Georgian gate. It can also relate to a neoclassical style that conveys the idea of ancient roman or greek styles. This is a very classy but very classical look and is often not best suited to the more contemporary homes.

The type of arc for this type of gate can vary from a slight curvature to a very profound one. This is important to keep in mind because you might be imagining a half-circle curve split between a double gate when it may just be a slight bend. Whichever type of arched top you choose should match the home aesthetic along with your personal tastes.

Additionally, the curved styles effectively deter people from attempting to climb over the gate.

Straight Top

Now we come to the minimalistic choice that can be great for a wide variety of homes including contemporary houses. If you don't want a style choice that overpowers the rest of the aesthetic or draws too much attention to itself then this may be the best bet.

Overall, most straight top wrought iron gates do not include much decorative work and keep to the simpler side of beauty. In much of the ironwork instead of intricate details, you are more likely to find patterns that work in a circular grid fashion or geometric patterns.

Since this type of gate does not have the slippery curves of an arched top it's usually common to find pointed finals at the top to help deter climbing and maintain security.

How To Choose A Vendor

When searching for someone who can provide you with the best iron gate for your home it is essential that you choose a vendor that has been around for a while. Additionally, though some larger companies may offer iron gates in addition to their other services, we recommend that in that case, you hire a professional that is specialized in iron gates.

Check the company's track record, and then compare pricing. The cheapest option is not always the best so make sure that you compare their reviews, ratings, and project history to help you come to a wise decision. You can also examine their customer service, their willingness to assist, and their experience with similar installations.

Lastly, you should be able to see previous examples of their work and fully understand what they are offering from the get-go.

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