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Guide to Buying Iron Gates for Your New Home

Iron gates used to protect and partition a house or property are a classic piece of functionally designed hardware that provides a profound sense of security, along with a classic aesthetic that dates back thousands of years. There are numerous reasons to consider installing a strong and beautiful iron gate outside your house, from deeper peace of mind, higher property values, and achieving the look for your property that you’ve always dreamed of. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to help you make the smartest and most affordable choice you can while reaping the many benefits that iron gates will bring to your life, house, and property.

The Basics

Iron is both one of the most ornate and beautiful materials, as well as one of the most durable and practical ways to build anything. Iron has been used since around the time of the Ancient Egyptians, although their methods of extracting it involved finding meteorites, and it was a much more pricey and valuable material back then. Today, we can produce iron much more cheaply, making it a perfect material for fencing, gates, and other forms of security.

Iron gates range from beautiful and decorative to simple and practical. Many gates made out of iron use wrought iron, a durable material that is less susceptible to corrosion than other forms of the metal, due to a fibrous material called slag that is added to it. However, no material is perfect, and you’ll still want to consider practicing various methods of avoiding corrosion on metals, such as applying a new paint job every few years, which will help create a protective layer from oxygen and moisture that can damage your gates.

Benefits of Iron Fencing:

Enhanced Security

The main benefit of iron that has enthralled humans for thousands of years around the globe is its incredible strength. Iron isn’t brittle, and is resistant to shock, bending, or breaking. Breaking or bending iron is almost impossible, so you can rest assured with iron gates or barriers protecting you that no one will be able to break in without you noticing.

However, there are still security issues to consider, such as gaps that are wide enough for people to fit through or the ability to simply climb over them. With the right forethought, such as a tall enough fence and additional barriers on top, this issue will become negligible, and an iron fence is the best initial barrier to ensure home safety you can buy.

Raises Home Value

Of course, most people hopefully won’t have to worry about brute force attacks or home invaders. There are many more benefits to buying an iron fence for your house, such as the classic aesthetic a wrought iron fence brings. They are truly works of art, molded and crafted to specifically fit the needs of each house.

Installing iron fencing is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home, raising its value and increasing the price the house would sell for, if you ever make that decision. Iron fencing doesn’t completely block out sunlight or nice views like other types of fencing do, providing a nice visual enhancement for any yard or property.


Another huge benefit of iron gates is the ability to completely customize them to fit any need you may have. You can find CAD drawings or product design sheets for any kind of iron gate you can imagine, which can be shaped and changed to fit your specific entryway, driveway, or anywhere else you may want an iron gate. They are great for enclosing or protecting a pool from kids or pets, creating a separation between a guest house and the main house, or protecting a garden area from any unwanted intruders.

Iron fencing can be as ornate and decorative as you want with plenty of flourishes and styles, from scrolls and twists to a straight modern style. The key to choosing the right iron gates for you is to try and match the style your house already has - if it’s a simple design with a lot of straight lines you should try to emulate that, while a Victorian-style cottage house might look great with a fairy tale inspired wrought iron gate with lots of embellishment.

At the end of the day, if you’re considering what type of material to use for fencing on your property, iron is an excellent choice by any conceivable metric. It is eco-friendly, can be recycled or reused, can be as short or tall as you want, and can come in every style you can imagine. Iron has been used for thousands of years for its impenetrable strength and impossible to break character, to the point where saying something is “like iron” clearly conveys a meaning of deep toughness and durability.

Use these qualities to your benefit and improve the aesthetic and value of your home today by finding the right set of iron gates for you.

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